Featured image of article: Word Detectives

Mrs. Aldrich had three word detectives in her classroom. Word detectives is a weekly activity where children search for the new phonics concept and mark up words to consolidate knowledge of word structure. It’s part of the Letterland program we’re using with Kindergarten and First Grade students.

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Featured image of article: 2nd Grade Cornucopia

Our students in grade 2 have been working with the Cornucopia Project on Tuesdays. Despite the rainy weather we had this past Tuesday, the Project continued. Students worked indoors and the theme was bugs! Lauren from Cornucopia brought in a variety of specimens from their garden including living and dead bugs, Read More: 2nd Grade Cornucopia


On Wednesday, August 29 we had a great turnout for the Meet and Greet. The hot weather did not stop students and families from meeting with teachers and our new principal, Mr. Pimental.  The afternoon ended with a cool treat and lots of smiles!

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Featured image of article: First Day Tours of the Building

The first day of school can be new and exciting, and sometimes it can be a little scary  too. In an effort to make our youngest learners feel safe, welcome, and familiar with the building and routines, teachers and staff gave them tours of the building. Stops included the main office,

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