Featured image of article: Family Contra Dance

We were pleased to have Lucius Parshall, “The Dance Caller,”
leading us in New England Line and Circle Dance for the evening.
We were also pleased to have a group of musicians providing us
with LIVE MUSIC!!!

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Featured image of article: Proud Architects

Mrs. Topping’s class donned their architect hats last week. As part of their engineering unit they read, Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing by April Jones Prince. It tells the true story of the 14 year construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. At first,

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On Friday, May 18th we celebrated our year long effort to help our sister school, Horace O’Bryant Elementary, in Key West Florida.  They continue to recover from the effects of Hurricane Irma.  We raised over $1200, with various activities throughout this school year.  Read More: Pirate Day

Featured image of article: Cornucopia

Perfect spring weather greeted PES gardeners on Tuesday. Cornucopia teachers Kathleen, Lauren and Master Gardener Peggy first led the students in an activity to correctly sequence the story of the life cycle of a seed. The students then cooperated to transplant kale and lettuce seedlings. Spinach, pea shoots, carrots,

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Featured image of article: Cornucopia

PES first graders had a busy time in the gardens on Tuesday, May 15.  The rain held off just long enough for all classes to complete their sessions outside. Each class participated in a scavenger hunt finding cards that represented all the things that plants need to thrive.  

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Featured image of article: Cornucopia Project-First Grade

Excitement was high today as we began the spring session of The Cornucopia Project.  First graders were ready to get their hands in the dirt as we did indoor planting. With excellent cooperation from all, seed flats are now installed on the grow cart and will give us some seedlings to snack on when everyone returns from vacation. Read More: Cornucopia Project-First Grade