Support Services

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The mission of the Student Services Department is to partner with schools, families, and communities in supporting all students to value and meet high standards of learning, wellness and participation in a global society.

Student Services means school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, nurses, and other qualified professional personnel involved in providing assessment, diagnosis, counseling, educational, therapeutic, and other necessary services as part of a comprehensive program to meet student needs: services designed to provide the opportunity for all students to achieve maximum benefit from their educational experience.


Student Services goals include:

  • Assuring that counseling, health, psychological, and other related services are comprehensive; delivered in a coordinated fashion; and are accessible to all
  • Providing programs and services that enhance the educational process by addressing the cognitive, behavioral, physical, emotional, and social factors that affect student learning
  • An emphasis on prevention and intervention support systems which are enhanced by partnerships with schools, families, and the community