PBIS Frequently Asked Questions

PBIS Informational Brochure

Q. What is PBIS?

A. PBIS is a powerful, proven program for helping schools to collect, analyzes, and utilizes relevant data for school improvement. PBIS also provides a framework and on-going professional training and support for teams to design their own improvement plans. Research also documents the link between an improved school culture and improved academic achievement.

Q. What and who prompted the initiation of this program?

A. The School Board and the ConVal Superintendent are following national research that demonstrates the importance of data-driven decision-making and the importance of a positive school culture with consistent behavioral expectations for everyone. PES began their involvement in the Spring of 2006.


Q. Are there any financial incentives for the district or a school to be involved with PBIS?

A. There is no financial incentive. The only “incentive” is that we are committed to promoting a healthy, positive, and ever-improving teaching and learning environment where all students will thrive both socially/emotionally and academically

Q. Who writes the Student-Parent Handbook and who writes PBIS ‘publications’ from the school?

A. The Student-Parent Handbook is written by the principal, with ideas, input, and suggestions from the entire staff. The PBIS coaches and the PBIS Universal Team members create PBIS material utilizing resources from the national and state PBIS programs and other PBIS schools.

Q. What is SWIS?

A. School Wide Information System (SWIS) is the database software that tracks patterns of inappropriate student behavior. This allows the administration and staff to be pro-active with students who are showing difficulty following the school expectations.

Q. Why did PBIS use a concrete recognition system?

A. Current research suggests that the most effective way to change a behavior in children is to use tangible reinforcements over a period of three to four weeks. The reinforcement is faded gradually over that time period resulting in internalized replacement behaviors.

Q. How does PBIS support and include PES families?

A. Many of the expected behaviors that are taught at PES are behaviors that families value. The focus on behavior being taught is to create a Respectful, Safe and Kind environment.