2nd grade with Cornucopia

What a beautiful week to be outside in the garden! Cornucopia teachers Kathleen Bigford, Lauren Judd, and Cathy Joly were excited to see the students again, and to see how the garden has grown since the spring. The students explored the garden searching for evidence of whether the garden was cared for over the summer. By far the largest, healthiest plants were two huge sunflowers that must have been well-watered; the students also discovered that the sunflower leaves felt like sandpaper! There were lots of other healthy plants (including some large, healthy weeds!), and we found a few bugs, but overall the garden was in good shape. Everyone enjoyed sampling the plentiful mint, as well as the lemon cucumbers, green peppers, purple beans and sorrel. It’s fun to eat so many different colors, and we are all looking forward to what we can snack on next week!