Featured image of article: Special Visitor

As part of a unit on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, 2nd and 4th graders were visited by Dick Dunning (who is part of the NH 6th reenactment group) who answered questions and shared items and “stories”

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Featured image of article: World Read Aloud Day

As part of “World Read Aloud Day”, to celebrate reading,  Mr. Pimental has been reading books with several classes.  In this photo, Mr. Pimental is reading aloud to Mrs. Hasting’s 3rd Grade Class.

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Featured image of article: 1st Grade Literacy

When teaching students to read, we use a multi-modal approach. Along with traditional approaches, and using the super-engaging LetterLand curriculum, our students use classroom computers for various software programs during literacy centers time.

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Featured image of article: RiverMead

Students from Mr. Rothhaus’ class visited and read to RiverMead residents. Each fourth-grade class visits once every three months.

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