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As part of our Literacy Night Celebration, several facility and therapy dogs from Cold Springs Healing Paws joined students, parents, families, and staff at Peterborough Elementary School. We finished our One School,

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Things That Go “VROOM!” PES-ConVal High School Collaboration

Students from Peterborough Elementary School’s third grade and students in a ConVal High School 3D art class recently worked together to contribute to the Children and the Arts Festival in a unique collaboration.

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Ms. Dunning’s class wrote thank you notes to the DPW. The class was excited that they got to meet two of the workers, learn more about their job and give them the cards.

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Elementary students love STEM challenges. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Recently, in Ms. Voorhees’ and Mrs. Topping’s class, 1st graders designed “bear dens” using marshmallows and toothpicks.

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All Proceeds to benefit Cold Springs Healing Paws.

“ColdSprings Healing Paws Foundation
specializes in training canines and handlers
for the purpose of helping people with special
needs as well as training and certifying
canines for therapy work.

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