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As part of our Literacy Night Celebration, several facility and therapy dogs from Cold Springs Healing Paws joined students, parents, families, and staff at Peterborough Elementary School. We finished our One School,

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On Friday, September 8th, members of the Conval High School football team welcomed students to Peterborough Elementary School providing words of encouragement and offering high fives, fist bumps, and smiles!

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On Thursdays this fall, The Cornucopia Project has partnered with our 2nd graders, encouraging students to explore, observe, record, and analyze data from our gardens. The objectives include teaching students about where our food comes from,

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Things That Go “VROOM!” PES-ConVal High School Collaboration

Students from Peterborough Elementary School’s third grade and students in a ConVal High School 3D art class recently worked together to contribute to the Children and the Arts Festival in a unique collaboration.

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