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Peterborough Elementary School understands the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum wherever possible and appropriate, to create a 21st century learning envronment.

Our students develop positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning, collaboration, and productivity. They use technology tools to enhance learning, to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences, and to promote creativity.

Peterborough Elementary School is fully networked and maintains a student 1:1 Chromebook environment. Adaptive technologies are available for students with special needs.

Nancy Weil serves as the school’s Technology Support Assistant.  Please contact Mrs. Weil or your classroom teacher for information about and, if available, home access to our on-line subscriptions, such as, but not limited to the following:  Reading Street, Eureka Math, Zearn Math , Lexia, Epic, Destiny, Raz-Kids,  BrainPop, and our weekly Smore Newsletter.

Please see Mrs. Weil for help with applying for affordable internet options through Comcast Internet Essentials.

Technology Implementation at PES

PES actively supports the ConVal School District Technology Plan and maintains compliance with the school district’s Acceptable Use Policy for elementary schools.

To afford students access to the best that current instructional technology has to offer, all PES classrooms, including all grades K-4, Art/Music, ILC, Special Education, and Library, , are equipped with a SMART or Epson interactive white board.  Our Library Learning Commons with 8 stations are also available to students and classes.  Each student is assigned a Chromebook for in-school use.

In the lower grades, students become familiar with introductory computer skills and explore basic math, science, and language arts. Students also acquire rudimentary word processing skills by typing and editing.

In Third and Fourth grades, students use more advanced software and applications; students may also be introduced to internet research, electronic communication, multimedia presentations, and digital video.

In support of the ISTE NETS initiative and to keep faculty and staff informed about ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to educational technology , e-mail circulars concerning technology applications are regularly distributed throughout the school year.

Network Security

Central to the efforts of the building technology staff and the district-wide network administrators, is the issue of network security. Every effort is made to keep computer assets secure through the use of firewalls, anti-virus software, and by regularly downloading and installing critical updates on all district computers.

Outside users who routinely communicate with accounts at PES are strongly encouraged to follow the advisories of their respective computer platform to help keep the computing environment at PES safe and secure.

Please note that proper protection from information security threats goes beyond merely installing antivirus software when you first set up your computer.

Setting up your computer to receive automatic security updates, updating your anti-virus definitions on a regular basis, using strongly encrypted passwords (e.g. “p1*gh%2L”), and exercising extreme caution with e-mail attachments are a few of the things that you can do to prevent:

  1. infecting your home computer,
  2. compromising the integrity and security of your files, and
  3. potentially passing unsecured information, or an infection to users at PES.