Special Visitor

Today, 2nd grade had some very special visitors to their classrooms!  In conjunction with one of the reading units on service and therapy dogs, they had a therapy dog and trainer visit!  Melissa and Canyon, from ColdSprings Healing Paws, joined the classroom this morning so students could see and learn firsthand what it takes to train a therapy or service dog.  Students asked great questions, got to see Canyon do some jobs, and those that wanted to, got to give him many pets.  
One of the facts that the students were very impressed by is that Canyon had to train for over 10,000 hours to be a therapy dog!  Melissa also trains service dogs and the students learned that they live with her, training, for 22 months before they are able to go with the owner who needs them. 
It is always such a pleasure for me to bring real life experiences to the classroom for the students.  The kids were amazing and so engaged the whole time our visitors were here.  It was amazing the calm that was over the room while Canyon was here.  Thank you to ColdSprings Healing Paws for coming!