Featured image of article: PES Students Explore Millipore Curiosity Cube

PES Students Explore Millipore Curiosity Cube

Students in Mr. Rothhaus’ and Mrs. Iwanowicz’s classes got to explore the Millipore Curiosity Cube this week.

The Cube is a large shipping container that has been converted into a mobile laboratory. In it students could inquire about various elements, explore the human body — skeleton, heart, and lungs — with 3D goggles, and get to work with an electronic microscope.

“The Curiosity Cube program began in 2017, as a platform to increase access to science education in elementary and middle schools,” the Millipore website explains. “The concept of The Curiosity Cube is actually based on our Curiosity Labs program, in which our employees go into classrooms and conduct hands-on experiments with a class.”

“With the Curiosity Cube, we’re able to extend our impact beyond the classroom and reach even more students and their families.” You can read further details about the Curiosity Cube here.

Millipore Sigma is a global science and technology company with around 52,000 employees working in more than 66 countries and a diversified portfolio of over 300,000 products.